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Come along and learn how this open couple envisioned their teacher theme wedding with thrilling events and keeping their budget at the top of the thoughts.

Distinctive wedding favors: customized wedding sunglasses, customized USB hub.

The tropical island of Aruba had been just a name of a destination. They chose to vacation there and let the island come to life for them. And it did. Everything was super lovely. On the 4th afternoon, after a lovely stroll on the beach, Jim presented Marie with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The ring was white gold with a gypsy setting. It was no ifs ands and buts luscious.

They began to plan their teacher theme wedding.

There were many decisions. What weighed on the engaged couple was bridal registry and the type of wedding date. They were certain about their wedding favors.

Distinctive wedding favors: customized wedding sunglasses, customized USB hub.

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