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City slicker engaged couple plans a Westen theme wedding

Jar glasses with logo imprint, personalized sunglasses and a wireless charging pad were part of their exciting package of wedding favors.

When Rose approached her fiance Nick as they were planning their wedding and indicated that she would like to think about a country music and country themed wedding, he thought she was off her rocker.

Both Rose and Nick were city people. Even though they lived in the Midwest, they were both raised in Chicago in the middle of the city. Neither of them had any living experiences outside of the city of Chicago. Rose went to college right in the heart of the urban city. While Nick did not attend college, straight from high school he took a job with one of the city's largest insurance companies.

They were hard bred creatures of the city's parks. They rode their bicycles, they jogged, they walked, they attended happy hours and went to dinner in all of the great city restaurants. They picnicked in the parks, attended movies, concerts, protests and cultural festivals there.

Rose developed the idea of having a country themed wedding, even hosting it out in the country somewhere. Nick was in dazed shock. He wondered who was his fiance after all? Did he even know her and what other mysteries were to reveal themselves in their future lives together? He pondered the correct answer and really tried to work this out in his mind. As a favor to his bride, should he smile and just go along? He wanted to have his heart and soul into his wedding, so he worked it through and became enthusiastic.

This intrepid fiance turned out to be a gamer. He shook off his stunned visage and agreed. Let's do it. The engaged lovers planned their wedding with all sorts of wonderful country theme ideas. They talked about the decorations, the ceremony, the beginning of the service, the music and the wedding favors. By "country theme", that means Western, as in the western USA. Rose visited the city's thrift stores virtually constantly. She was able to find old string guitars and cowboy boots and even cowboy hats. Thrift stores are a blessing for brides on a budget looking for bargains in exchange for creativity. There were many times Rose was able to find cowboy boots for sometimes just $1.00 per pair. String guitars – just $5. She found a brand new box of plastic cowboy hats, the miniature party favor kind. Bought the box for $5.00 and figured she would work it out.

Together a Nick and Rose cleaned up these old thrift store items. Working with a creative local florist, they turned those tossaway items into beautiful and unique centerpieces for the tables at their wedding reception.

They were able to select a very nice playlist for the reception that included a lot of contemporary country music, all of which was danceable. They threw in Patsy Cline's classic country hit, "Crazy", of course and a couple of other stalwart country music standards for their wedding. But the highlight it must be said, was they rented a mechanical bull for the wedding reception. The wedding planner placed a very large, very cushioned pit all around the bull. Does it really go without saying, that as the night wore on, more and more guests developed the courage to get onto and try the mechanical bull? Well that exactly what happened. As the guests grew more courage late into the evening, the bull operator was kind and sensitive to the moment. Nobody got truly bucked, rather they sort of gently tumbled off into their own laugh and soft matte pitching.

At Shades of Fun Promotional Products, we were really happy when this lovely couple contacted us. They were interested in our line of custom country mason jar drinking glasses. They wanted to imprint their wedding logo theme on these craft drinking jars. We were able to do that and everyone at their wedding had a souvenir to take home, a wonderful sturdy imprinted mason jar as a souvenir from the most memorable night where the city slickers had a country style wedding. In addition, they loved our personalized sunglasses, the brown woodtone style, so we put a smaller version of their logo on the sunglasses. They included the custom sunglasses in the wedding favor take-home package.

Here is where it gets really interesting: these self proclaimed city slickers with all their urban loving friends successfully hosted a wonderful Western theme wedding. But what to offer their guests as take home wedding favors? Should they send them home with candy covered almonds wrapped in mesh drawstring pouches? Seemed very wrong. How about key chains with miniature bull horns attached? Eh, no. For this modern couple, still very much the modern, urban lifestyle kids they were before the wedding and the people they would return to being, they went with cool technology. Everyone at their wedding received a gift pouch that included a silicone pad imprinted with their wedding logo. The silicon pad was a wireless cellphone charger, an absolutely fabulous gift for any modern person on the planet.

Wedding favor ideas, Western wedding:

  • craft jar drinking glass, imprinted with bride and groom logo
  • flash drive wedding favor (country music classics)
  • wireless charging pad (best wedding favor ever!)
  • woodtone personalized sunglasses (imprinted with simple logo)
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