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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Balloon Bouquet Mix

The florist for the wedding had vast experience. When asked if they could incorporate sunglasses into the centerpiece and table displays, they did not hesitate. The balloon bouquets mixed with sunglasses were spectacular.

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Sunglasses as a bouquet anchor

Love hit Manon like a ton of bricks. Bang, there was Mía and Manon was a goner. In Love. Heart beating, breathing heavy. The whole package. It would be a few weeks until Mía caught up, but soon there was talk of marriage. This attractive young couple were most persuasively in love.

Both spiritually and physically, their focus became stuck on just hearing one note: the note of happiness and love. Mía and Manon entered a state of comfort and peace only when they were together.

The excitement over the news of their engagement kind of quickly grew from a quiet announcement to a blaring and fireworks filled event within their family and friends circle. With Instagram and Facebook spreading the news within the hour, both of their phones were ringing off the hook. Text messages were flowing in fast and furious with news of congratulations. And the first question so many of them asked was when is the wedding? Manon and Mía wondered about their wedding date as well.

How about getting married bareback on horses, he on a shining black steed, she on a beautiful white horse? Sounds good? Forget it. They worked out tradtional wedding plans before very long at all, horses notwithstanding. Manon and Mía firmd up most of their wedding plans by Spring. Outstanding details included:

Part of their wedding planning was to decide whether to have a DJ spin records, or two employ a live band. Manon and Mía took the suggestions of many of their friends. They went to see and hear about a dozen local rock bands at bars and restaurants throughout the area. They had not been accustomed to late nights for quite a while, it was fun but it was tiring to listen to all those live bands. They decided ultimately on a live band, but not a raucous band. They found a group that played music from across the board of music genres. These were true professionals, had played many weddings as well as many corporate events. Because of their vast experience and easygoing manner, Manon and Mía engaged in wedding planning conversations with them. An important suggestion they received from this band was to use wedding sunglasses for the reception. Manon and Mía like to this idea great deal. The band manager recommended our company, Shades of Fun!. We created a wonderful wedding sunglass package for this loving couple. We are not sure how they use them at their wedding, but we know that they had a lot of fun with them. We put a logo that included a balloon bouquet right on the side and print it in a personalized way. We know they will have a wonderful marriage and a beautiful life together.

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