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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Beautiful Logo Imprint

Ask artistic friends to create a wedding logo for you. When this bride and groom presented their custom artwork to the vendor, even they were impressed with the beautiful logo. The imprint was spectacular.

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Even if you had never met them before, seeing Dominic and Sara together would give anyone the idea this was an exuberant couple, full of love for life and each other. was from the corn farming country of Nebraska, Sara was from the gentle suburbs of Boston.

As it turns out, both had noticed each other and wondered about the other for weeks before they even spoke. Dominic and Sara were trying to determine if this attention was just physical attraction or whether there was a spark indeed that lit the fire they both felt inside of them when they saw each other.

The invitations began to arrive the very next day. There were drinks to be shared, congratulations to be celebrated. Many of their friends gathered at local bars and restaurants where people stopped by casually to express their joy at the news of their wedding engagement. At one smaller, more intimate family gathering, a friend of her aunt's quietly asked, will you be needing a wedding planner? That was the first time, Dominic and Sara thought of hiring outside a wedding planning professional.

Was the process of planning a wedding more complex than expected, sure. But they tackled their first big task together and worked well. Dominic and Sara settled most of their wedding planning concerns. By the time of a family Baptism, all was set except:

One of the characteristics of both Dominic and Sara was their love of good food. It did not matter to either of them if the food was Greek and background, Italian in its derivation, Japanese or Ethiopian. They were both turned on by the quality of good food and they loved to learn about new and exciting spices and platings. So it was a bit of a surprise, or perhaps not, when the caterer presented them with food choices for their wedding that just simply were not good enough for this engaged couple. They worked hard with their caterer to devise a wedding menu with appetizers that were inventive and delicious. They were thrilled with the entire menu of their wedding from the earliest appetizer to the wedding cake desert. with the difficult details of wedding planning behind them, Dominic and Sara were able to choose some really fun wedding favors for the reception and the dance floor. They worked with the banquet hall so the wait could position large balloon bouquets into place at the corners of the dance floor when the live band struck up to play. Fifteen minutes prior to the balloon placement, baskets of brightly colored wedding sunglasses would be placed at each cocktail table and each dinner table. The wait staff positioned the sunglasses in a nice design on silver serving trays. As if they were appetizers, the waiters and waitresses distributed them out among the guests no matter where the guests were, in the lounge, in the reception hall, or outside grabbing a smoke. Dominic and Sara chose the wedding sunglasses from our collection which were the most brightly colored. We created a beautiful wedding logo using one of our most prestigious typefaces. The font accentuated the side imprint of the wedding sunglasses. Thank you to the catering hall which recommended our company. Shades of Fun has been working many special events with the event staff for that banquet hall for many years. We appreciate their faith in us and wish both Dominic and Sara a beautiful marriage and a long happy life filled with joy and friends.

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