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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Better Than Candied Nuts

Old traditions versus new trends, traditions: while older traditions are to be embraced, new trends like wedding sunglasses are better than candied nuts any day.

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When sunglasses beat the nuts

After weeks and maybe months of talking it over, Roberto and Manon decided to marry last Winter. Their conversations were earnest, sincere, deep and thoughtful. Their choice to enter marriage together made them the happiest couple in Atlanta that day.

And though the primary activity of their day involves having fun, laughing, and enjoying themselves, the subject of marriage and the announcement of their wedding engagement, was something that they both took very seriously.

Planning a wedding. Potato chips, onion dip and a minister? How is that? Not really, though maybe. A wedding to plan can really get away from the loving couple lickety split.

How about getting married bareback on horses, he on a shining black steed, she on a beautiful white horse? Sounds good? Forget it. They worked out tradtional wedding plans before very long at all, horses notwithstanding. Roberto and Manon firmd up most of their wedding plans by Winter. Outstanding details included:

In the past, wedding favors where a bag of candy covered nuts wrapped in a mesh baggie. The tradition of giving away sweetened nuts is based on some ancient tradition somewhere. And while this custom is still observed at many even contemporary weddings, the choices for wedding favors now extend far beyond tradition from several hundred years ago. As a great example, Roberto and Manon chose to customized wedding sunglasses as part of their wedding favor collection. Wedding sunglasses are an extremely low cost wedding favor that offers way more benefits than a bag of candied nuts. One of their most immediate benefits is that the wedding guests immediately start to ham it up, they act like they are rock star kind of cool. This, along with the alcohol, can start to loosen things up considerably at a wedding. We were so happy that ,Roberto and Manon chose Shades of Fun to deliver there personalized wedding sunglasses to them. We think the imprint we produced for them presented beautifully and we wish them a long and happy marriage.

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