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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Bright Yellow Daisy Theme

What a thrill when the bride and groom found bright yellow sunglasses for their wedidng. They decorated them with their names and a wedding date. We put a daisy image on them to match their theme as well. Superb.

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Bright yellow: the happy color

Love knocked Ricky out with a jab to his heart the minute he saw Catalina at the beach on the Jersey Shore. Ricky knew love had arrived. It would take the entire summer to get the courage up to date Catalina. But love surrounded them; marriage talk was in progress by Halloween.

As it turns out, both had noticed each other and wondered about the other for weeks before they even spoke. Ricky and Catalina were trying to determine if this attention was just physical attraction or whether there was a spark indeed that lit the fire they both felt inside of them when they saw each other.

When is the wedding, when is the wedding, when is the wedding!? Friends, family and co-workers for both of them were inordinately excited at the news of their wedding engagement. Neither was ready for the burst of community energy their wedding engagement would bring. Ricky and Catalina were a moderately composed couple -- this kind of attention through them off in a way that was unexpected.

Let's go gluten-free, meatless, totally vegan for our wedding, he wondered? They debated the pros and cons, and dismissed the notion. Ricky and Catalina worked out all the wedding details which were appropriate for them. By Summer, they were very pleased with their ideas. What decisions remained:

  • custom engraved collapsible selfie-stick
  • personalized sunglasses
  • custom plastic party cup
  • laser etched wood bottle opener

After the weeks of reading articles in the wedding magazines, looking at the experiences of others in the forums at The Knot and WeddingWire, both Ricky and Catalina felt their wedding plans were well-managed. They loved the design of their wedding invitations. They chose a large parchment style embossed paper, mailed them out using that US stamp with the rose on it. There were quite a few unexpected bumps along the way. Their first choice for a wedding DJ was booked and then canceled with six weeks to go. That was a problem they could solve. The resort at which they planned their honeymoon was in touch by email to let them know they had been flooded and they're beachfront cabana would not be available. That was a problem that could be solved as well. What remained to be planned was the category of wedding favors. They saved this wedding planning category until the last to determine the type of money that was available in their wedding budget after all of the mandates were settled. Ricky and Catalina were so excited to learn they had $1,200 remaining in the wedding budget. They decided to purchase customized movie theater tickets for each guest at the wedding. They contacted one of the major Movie House chains and delivered to them a list of the guests zip codes. That movie chain sent back gift certificates for their local movies for each of their guests home areas. Ricky and Catalina used these envelopes with the movie coupons in them as place cards for the wedding reception tables. They made announcements during the wedding reception to make sure everyone there knew there was value in those envelopes. What a wonderful wedding surprise. The second and equally exciting wedding favor they chose was personalized custom wedding sunglasses. Their wedding was a themed wedding with the florist creating bouquets filled with varietal daisies. The bridesmaids wore dresses in various shades of yellow. The groomsmen wore yellow ties with daisy boutonnieres. So of course then it was a natural fit for their wedding sunglasses to choose our bright yellow sunglasses. Very often, we recommend bright colored inks to add extra energy to the personalized sunglasses, but in this case, we suggested black to achieve the feeling of the daisy as per their wedding theme. Thank you to Ricky and Catalina for finding us online while performing their search for wedding sunglasses. We were so pleased to put a daisy logo and a heart to demonstrate your love on our classic yellow custom sunglasses.

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