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The bride attended a wedding the previous year during which wedding sunglasses were distributed. Some guy had too much to drink, tripped and busted his nose.For their wedding, clear lens sunglasses were the solution. Fantastic!

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Ethan and Martina thought long and hard about their critical commitment, but made the big decision to marry last January. The young couple were fun loving and carefree in most of their lifestyle. This choice to commit their lives to each other, however, was far more meaningful.

This loving young couple believed in the commitment of marriage, they believed in the establishment of a firm foundation for a family. They were fully engaged in creating a solid and Lasting marriage.

Planning a wedding. Potato chips, onion dip and a minister? How is that? Not really, though maybe. A wedding to plan can really get away from the loving couple lickety split.

They got to work fairly quickly. The bridal magazines and websites like The Knot helped. By January, Ethan and Martina settled most of their wedding planning concerns. There were still some critical details left to be determined:

The wedding plans were virtually complete. The venue was set, the musicians were hired and ready to perform. The weather forecast -- even that far out, looked like there would be wonderful bright sunny weather on their wedding day. They were so pleased with the choices that they made, that the wedding planning experience for Ethan and Martina was really much more pleasurable and they anticipated. With just 3 weeks before their wedding date, they began to clean up some last minute and decided that they wanted to add some more fun touches to their wedding. Earlier in their planning process, they considered getting wedding sunglasses but they had so many other details that needed attention, the wedding sunglass idea fell by the wayside. Now that the deadline was close at hand, they picked up the phone and telephoned our company, Shades of Fun. They described what interested them; we talked about different styles in our catalog, and yes, we informed them that we could meet their deadline, with even a few days to spare. They made a really terrific choice to imprint their wedding date on the side arm of our clear lens sunglasses. By choosing the clear lens sunglasses, this enabled their wedding guests to use the sunglasses on the dance floor. From all of us at our company, best wishes for a long and prosperous marriage together. Thank you for ordering your wedding sunglasses from Shades of Fun.

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