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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Cocktail Hour Shades

Wedding guests saved by shades: the wedding venue featured a gorgeous stone patio that faced west. For the glare caused the setting sun, this bride and groom distributed wedding sunglasses at cocktail hour. No squinting!

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Sunsets + Sunglasses = Perfect

While struggling with the many conversations over what a marriage should be, Hugo and Nina decided to marry last June. The announcement of their upcoming wedding set off a burst of electronic energy. Instagram just lit up!

Their similar backgrounds and their understanding of the region, made it a little easier to transition from single life into life as an engaged couple together and then transitioning even further into wedded bliss. They knew where the good Italian restaurants were and they knew where to find the best outdoor deck for a cocktail in the summer.

With love, anything is possible, isn't that how it goes? In this case, when an earnest couple like Hugo and Nina want to put their lives together and go forward for the rest of their lives, planning a wedding seems a simple event to detail. Right?

They played with the idea of arriving to their wedding in a fairy tale horse drawn carriage. That was really high on their list of desires for their wedding for two weeks. But then they got a hold of themselves and settled into a traditional plan. Within a few weeks, Hugo and Nina settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What outstanding details remained:

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, most all of the details were set. The couple was relaxed and happy, really looking forward to their great event. While out to dinner at a really nice French restaurants near their home, the subject turns to whimsical wedding favors. Several of the people at this small dinner had experience choosing wedding favors. They made some suggestions. What highlighted the conversation for Hugo and Nina was the idea of wedding sunglasses. A substantial part of their cocktail hour at the wedding would be outside on a patio at sunset. Wedding sunglasses, imprinted with a logo of some kind and perhaps the date of their wedding, would be a really nice touch. With their low cost and one-size-fits-all, Hugo and Nina believe that choosing wedding sunglasses was just the right wedding favor choice for them.

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