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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Create Facebook Stars

Must they, will they, do they post pictures on Instagram and facebook? Wearing sunglasses and dancing like mad at the wedding created Instagram and facebook stars! Can your wedding guests restrain themselves from posting?

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Their conversations about marriage were at times hilarious then sober, but after a few weeks of them, Ethan and Lea decided to marry last July. They announced it to their immediate families together at once, in one room. After that, Instagram and Facebook announced it to the world.

They both agreed that it was helpful as they headed into their lives together that they have common interests. People who are too different, no matter how much physical attraction there may be, and no matter how good natured the relationship is, at the end of the day, they felt that you really needed to have much in common to succeed in the long term of life.

Both were the owners of pretty decent bank acocunts, their combined assets would enable Ethan and Lea to host a large or a small wedding. But what was the correct style for them? They were just a couple of kids in love, they were not expecting to be faced with so many and such complex decisions about their lives together.

Within a few weeks, Ethan and Lea settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What decisions remained:

Ethan and Lea chose to have an interfaith wedding ceremony. They struggled for a while to even decide to include faith at all in their wedding. But in the end, both of them felt that the blessings from a universal spirit of whatever denomination, whatever it may be called, would be a positive addition to their wedding ceremony. The very last group of items that they included in their wedding plans were the choice of wedding favors. And bridal magazines, on wedding websites and on the advice of many friends and relatives, there were many choices to be made. Some people offer very traditional advice, While others offered suggestions for wedding favors that were simply non-starters. When Ethan's cousin recommended using wedding sunglasses as a wedding favor, their interest was piqued. This is what they wanted, their friends would love it, their families would love it. There is an extra bonus when it comes to ordering wedding sunglasses. For those at work, for example who were not invited to the wedding but still felt close enough to. Sunglasses as a souvenir from the wedding is a great leftover. So even though Ethan and Lea planned for 150 guests to have the gift of wedding sunglasses, they ordered 200 pair. In the days and weeks that followed their wedding, the return from their honeymoon and their return to work, Ethan and Lea were able to give wedding sunglasses out to their co-workers and distant relatives as they came upon them. It was a really nice way to extend the wedding gestures to people who could not or were not invited to the wedding event itself.

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