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Personal custom logo: The bride and groom were so excited that one of their friends created a custom logo for them. They were able to send it to us and we created a custom logo just for their sunglasses.

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Wedding Sunglasses: customized logos
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Donnie and Regina finally decided to marry last February. Their friends and family considered it a brilliant decision. They seemed very well matched. Both had the experience of serious relationships in the past.

Both Donnie and Regina experienced some ups and downs in past romantic endeavors, but both felt the past was the past and that committing to each other was the way of the future. They wanted a good, long, happy marriage.

When is the wedding, when is the wedding, when is the wedding!? Friends, family and co-workers for both of them were inordinately excited at the news of their wedding engagement. Neither was ready for the burst of community energy their wedding engagement would bring. and were a moderately composed couple -- this kind of attention through them off in a way that was unexpected.

Neither of them had ever opened a bride's magazine before. It was an eye popping experience at first. They got used to the ads, the company names, and within a couple of weeks, Donnie and Regina settled most of their wedding planning details. Some outstanding issues:

  • professional grade multi phone charging cables
  • personalized sunglasses
  • imprinted logo mini jar glass
  • laser etched logo champagne flute

Donnie and Regina worked very hard to please as many of their family members as possible during their wedding planning process. There were relatives on both sides who would travel from several hundred miles away. This put a lot of pressure on the engaged couple to make sure that everything was as perfect as possible. They selected the correct hotel, a delicious menu and had chosen a wonderful reception hall for their wedding. When it came time to imagine what type of wedding favors they should also provide at the wedding, their choice to personalized wedding sunglasses was one of their easiest decisions. At Shades of Fun, we were of course delighted to receive this order for this lovely couple. We were able to create custom logos for them. They bought beautiful polarized sunglasses for their guests. The polarized sunglasses for a wedding are a higher priced item then we usually offer. But they wanted to spare no expense and to make sure that their guests used these glasses long after the wedding was over. We were so pleased to provide, them with wedding sunglasses and wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness.

Wedding Logo Ideas

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