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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Guests Are Hams

An old word for showoff -- the ham -- still applies to some of wedding guests: The bride and groom learned very quickly that wedding sunglasses turn their guests into hams, showoffs, really fun people. Sunglasses have that effect on people, refrigerator magnets don't.

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Guests love to loosen up

Oh yes, it was true that Titus and Melony were deeply in love, marriage seemed a door to maturity. He was from Dublin, Ohio and she was from the city streets of Chicago. Would his love for crab cakes and her affection for deep dish pizza make for a blissful life together?

Even when they were alone, they were compatible. They blended together seamlessly, where one did the dishes the other one cooked. They seemed to be the yin and the yang for each other in so many ways, it was remarkable. For this lucky young couple, there was no distinction between the way they acted with other people and the way they were in their private lives.

His mother had been very successful in her own real estate consulting business. She loved her son and wanted to make sure that he had every advantage when it came to producing his wedding. With this in mind, Mom opened up her bank account to Titus and Melony. Mom told them whatever dream they had for their wedding, she would be happy to make it come true for them.

It took some time but by, April, Titus and Melony settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What decisions remained:

By the time they turned their attention to planning and shopping for wedding favors, Titus and Melony were pretty exhausted. They believed they coordinated a wonderful wedding for just about one month away. The venue was all set, the church was ready. They hired decorators for the floral arrangements as well as for the decor of the church service. And all of that time, Titus and Melony never suffered through an argument. They felt that their experience planning the wedding was a good indication that they would have and wonderful, easygoing life together. As they examined wedding favors, they really focused on the types of products their guests would like and would have a benefit to them. They did not think that an etched wine glass with their wedding date on it was a good idea for their guests or a good use of money. They settled on providing their guests with two individualized wedding favors. The first was scratch off lottery tickets. They lived in a state where the lottery system was really energetic with lots of choices on how to play the lottery. They invested $400 in purchasing an assortment of lottery tickets for their guests. They placed them in envelopes and put their names on each one of them. The lottery tickets and their inscribed envelopes also served as placeholders at the dinner table for the reception. For their second wedding favor they chose personalized wedding sunglasses. Both attended weddings in the past where sunglasses were distributed. Instead of the cheap sunglasses by the dozen, they chose instead to customize their wedding sunglasses. They found our company, Shades of Fun, online doing a wedding search. They also found us with our wonderful reviews on the website known as The Knot. They chose our mirrored sunglasses. We created a selection of assorted color frames with a silver mirror lens sunglass. We suggested they use a hot pink ink on each of the sides of their sunglasses. This created an instant impact of excitement and energy. That translated into lots of fun photos, lots of comedy. People acting like hams once wearing the sunglasses. That kicked off the kind of fun and enthusiasm you want at your wedding. Thank you to Titus and Melony for choosing Shades of Fun to produce your silkscreened wedding sunglasses. Best wishes for a beautiful life together in your marriage.

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