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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Handy At Beach

A cousin of Lucas' texted him from the beach the following July 4th weekend. 'Hey man, I am wearing those sunglasses you gave out at your wedding!' the message read. 'Forgot mine, yours from the wedding were in the glove compartment. Very handy. Thanks, bro.'

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Lucas and Sofía decided to marry last Spring. It was in many ways, a big relief; they spent hours in the weeks leading up to their decision trying to determine how their own marriage should feel.

They decided that the most important thing in their marriage should be that they remain comfortable with each other, that they never be afraid to tell one another of their events of the day or how they feel about the present or the future.

A wedding to plan. How lovely. How simple! A couple of envelopes, stick some wedding invitations in there, everyone will come, put on the burgers! Neither Lucas or Sofía had ever given much thought to the details of planning such a large event like a wedding. Many members of their family and a lot of their friends had experienced the entire wedding event scenario and had a lot of advice to offer whether solicited or not.

Within a few weeks, Lucas and Sofía settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What decisions remained:

Lucas and Sofía had been to other weddings where the bride and the groom distributed wedding sunglasses. They thought the idea was fun. They even had several of the sunglasses in the glove compartment of their car. Those colorful wedding glasses came in kind of handy a couple of times at the beach and at their pool. When all of their own wedding planning was done and there was still money in their wedding budget, they decided to go after some wedding favors that were extraneous but would turn up the excitement on the dance floor. At Shades of Fun, we were so happy to receive the order from this wonderful couple. We created a unique wedding logo for them, and from all reports, their wedding was a smashing success with everyone dancing on the dance floor wearing their Shades of Fun! wedding sunglasses.

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