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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Kickoff Dancing

Kickoff the fun: the bride and groom knew that two things would really kick off the dancing at their wedding: sunglasses and live energetic music. They had both rockin.

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It absolutely seemed to friends and family that Alan and Alma were deeply in love, marriage seemed a couple of steps into the land of adulthood. Neither of them felt ready to become married people but they did not want to be apart.

Even when they were alone, they were compatible. They blended together seamlessly, where one did the dishes the other one cooked. They seemed to be the yin and the yang for each other in so many ways, it was remarkable. For this lucky young couple, there was no distinction between the way they acted with other people and the way they were in their private lives.

His mother had been very successful in her own real estate consulting business. She loved her son and wanted to make sure that he had every advantage when it came to producing his wedding. With this in mind, Mom opened up her bank account to Alan and Alma. Mom told them whatever dream they had for their wedding, she would be happy to make it come true for them.

It took some time but by, Winter, Alan and Alma settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What decisions remained:

The choice of wedding favors facing Alan and Alma was an exhaustive array of products. There were inexpensive items like lollipops to choose. If someone was going to use lollipops as wedding favors, you had many choices. You could choose candy lollipops, you could choose chocolate-covered lollipops, you could choose small lollipops, you could choose big lollipops. There was the idea of a photo booth, where the photographs themselves would serve as the souvenir memento of the wedding. Instead, Alan and Alma chose wedding sunglasses. Not just any old cheap sunglasses by the dozen kind of white or black sunglasses. They chose really really nice high shine good quality wedding sunglasses. We were delighted that they chose our company, Shades of Fun, to provide them with their custom wedding sunglasses. We directed them to be a little more creative and they went with yellow ink on highly polished black frames. The yellow ink against the black frame really stands out with a tremendous logo on their wedding sunglass project. From all of us at Shades of Fun!, best wishes to Alan and Alma for a long and happy marriage filled with whatever you desire.

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