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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Light Up The Dance Floor

Light up the dance floor: The wedding was in full swing and proceeding very well. The bride's enterprising cousin distributed wedding sunglasses to all guests. Sitting guests put them on, mugged for the camera and went out and tore it up dancing.

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'Two of the nicest people in Vermont!', Sean's mother would say to all. 'That's my boy and his lady, I'm the lucky mother!' Sean and Elena had met during college in Burlington. They first bonded over Advanced Social Justice class, but soon fell deeply in love. They wanted to marry within a year.

Can two truly lovely, sweet and unselfish people really marry and enjoy a lifetime commitment together free of strife? Well, as Sean and Elena began to plan their wedding and their lives together, it was certainly their most fervent hope that would be the case.

With advice and suggestions on how to plan a wedding coming from all directions, the couple found themselves a little confused as to how to proceed. Clearly, falling in love and becoming engaged was just simply not enough for their community. Sean and Elena quickly understood they would have to do some real consideration of the type of wedding they should plan.

They played with the idea of arriving to their wedding in a fairy tale horse drawn carriage. That was really high on their list of desires for their wedding for two weeks. But then they got a hold of themselves and settled into a traditional plan. Within a few weeks, Sean and Elena settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What outstanding details remained:

With the details of the wedding planning stage behind them, Sean and Elena were able to relax and enjoy their time with friends. Although they lived nearby each other, they waited until marriage to move in and share the same space. This enabled them to discard household items they no longer needed when they combined their lives. During this phase of their wedding planning, they were able to relax and envision their wedding more clearly. The overarching details completed, their imagination was free to wander back to the fun galaxy they both enjoyed. Their thoughts turned to fun, amusing and useful wedding favors. There was a gentleman's magazine with article features about wedding favors as gifts. The article favored high tech devices such as personalized flash drives or USB ports with many differentially shaped adapter heads. While both Sean and Elena wanted their wedding guests to find their wedding favor useful, a USB port or a flash drive seemed somewhat impersonal. A friend who married earlier that year suggested the idea of wedding sunglasses. She told them she had worked with our company, Shades of Fun. She described to them the ease with which she placed the order, the wide variety of typefaces they could choose to imprint along the side of their sunglasses. Their friend described how the wedding sunglasses lit up the dance floor and how the photographs were so much more energetic with people wearing the wedding sunglasses she ordered from our company. Sean and Elena liked what they heard. The following day, they found our website featuring wedding sunglasses. They chose our classic shape sunglasses in multiple colors. But about twist in this particular order was they chose our bottle opener sunglasses as their wedding favor choice. These are sunglasses which certainly look normal enough, but the ends of each earpiece are shaped to open bottles. Never miss a bottle of beer again! Thank you to both Sean and Elena as well as to their friend who made the suggestion to order wedding sunglasses from us as wedding favors.

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