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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Loosen Up The Crowd

Friends and family traveled to the wedding from all over the US and Canada. To loosen things up during the cocktail hour on the outdoor patio, staff delivered custom sunglasses on silver trays. This really loosened up the crowd fast.

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Sunglasses helps to blend guests

Their conversations about marriage were at times hilarious then sober, but after a few weeks of them,Sergio and Valeria decided to marry last May. They announced it to their immediate families together at once, in one room. After that, Instagram and Facebook announced it to the world.

And though the primary activity of their day involves having fun, laughing, and enjoying themselves, the subject of marriage and the announcement of their wedding engagement, was something that they both took very seriously.

With more than modest bank accounts, the couple was in the enviable position of having to choose the type of wedding they would like. Both assumed the job of planning their wedding would be a straightforward one. They did not sweat it. Sergio and Valeria felt their economic position would enable them to craft whatever kind of wedding they felt was appropriate for them.

Organized and determined, this magical couple burst through the wedding magazines, the bridal websites and read dozens of wedding planning articles. It was not too long before they were very far ahead. By, May, Sergio and Valeria settled most of their wedding planning concerns. Some of the outstanding pieces of the plan:

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  • personalized sunglasses
  • custom logo imprint egg shape glass
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The wedding planning process was a heck of a lot more fun than Sergio and Valeria anticipated. All they heard from their friends and family members, was that planning a wedding was such a headache! Wedding planning was so difficult, it was so complicated, so many told them. When an engaged couple plans a wedding, there are many family members whose ideas should have consideration. There is a lot of pressure to craft plans and details to satisfy all sides. There is much people pleasing woven into wedding plans. Interestingly, Sergio and Valeria found the path to creating the perfect wedding full of joy and pleasure. Their favorite part of the wedding planning process was to select the perfect wedding favors. Their first choice of a wedding favor for all guests was custom pressed olive oil. They found a company which offered custom olive oil presented in specially made bottles, labeled for each guest. Since both Sergio and Valeria were foodies, the thought of distributing custom olive oil seemed a great idea. In the end, they changed their mind to include wedding sunglasses. Wedding sunglasses were a wedding favor that absolutely everyone could enjoy. You did not have to be a foodie to love colorful wedding sunglasses. They located our company, Shades of Fun, through an online search. It was our great pleasure to assist them in creating a wonderful package of wedding sunglasses.A huge advantage to wedding sunglasses is they will fit all of your wedding guests. The guests really will take them home. Wearing the sunglasses loosens up the crowd and they go a little crazy. Instigates fun on the dance floor.Another overlooked advantage to custom sunglasses for weddings is their value as giveaways in the days and weeks after the honeymoon is over. Brides and grooms can give their wedding sunglasses away to co-workers or neighbors as they run into them along their everyday life. A wonderful way to continue to spread the joy of their marriage with a useful -- and UV protected -- gift!

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