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Low minimum assists wedding budget: The budget was pretty tight at the end of the wedding planning process. The bride and groom were very grateful to be able to order wedding sunglasses as favors from us. On the phone, they told us our low minimum helps.

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Small weddings, big charges

Jordie and Olivia decided to marry last January. It was in many ways, a big relief; they spent hours in the weeks leading up to their decision trying to determine how their own marriage should feel.

Without doubt, both Jordie and Olivia put their past relationships where they belong -- and that is behind them. No regrets, just a future life together. They decided to end and absolutely terminate all contacts with any of their previous partners and to move ahead completely committed to each other.

The excitement over the news of their engagement kind of quickly grew from a quiet announcement to a blaring and fireworks filled event within their family and friends circle. With Instagram and Facebook spreading the news within the hour, both of their phones were ringing off the hook. Text messages were flowing in fast and furious with news of congratulations. And the first question so many of them asked was when is the wedding? and wondered about their wedding date as well.

Let's see, should they helicopter onto the roof of the reception hall? Would that be a good idea? The nitty gritty of the wedding details came together inside of a few weeks. Jordie and Olivia settled most of their wedding planning concerns by January. The particular details which remained included:

  • custom imprint RFID blocking credit card sleeve
  • personalized sunglasses
  • custom made fused glass coasters
  • customized mold glass coasters

There are so many elements to a wedding, so many decisions to be made. When all of the anchor elements are in place and the engaged couple has a chance to breathe, they can turn to considering what to offer as wedding favors. There are thousands of wedding favors from which to choose. Great choices can be anything from personalized etched glass vases that double as reception table centerpieces to handheld personal fans to keep your guests cool. Jordie and Olivia however chose wedding favors that were wedding sunglasses. They approached us, Shades of Fun, to create a meaningful illustration logo for them on the side arm of their personalized sunglasses. We were able to provide them with custom personalized sunglasses for their wedding which were extremely low cost. Because they were having a small wedding, our low minimum of 100 pair worked out simply perfect.

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