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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Metallic Gold

Do you have to stick with gold for the wedding? Heck no. Large percentages of brides want platinum or white gold for their rings. This engaged couple celebrated their metal choice of platinum by selecting our silver metallic sunglasses. The guests at the reception loved them!

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Gold or silver wedding rings?

Oh yes, it was true that Damian and Sophie were deeply in love, marriage seemed a door to maturity. He was from Dublin, Ohio and she was from the city streets of Chicago. Would his love for crab cakes and her affection for deep dish pizza make for a blissful life together?

In spite of what seemed like a brief period of dating, this young and fun loving couple felt they had known each other for a very long time. Damian and Sophie also felt extremely fortunate because they knew they could have waited for much longer in their lives before they had found the one who they felt would complete them. When they entered into the decision to marry, they were filled with gratitude.

Damian and Sophie were fortunate enough to have all four parents in their lives and healthy with robust bank accounts. There was no shortage of money available to them to assist them with planning their wedding. Still, they wondered what type of wedding they really wanted.

Without dragging things out to a crazy timeline, Damian and Sophie had determined most of their wedding details by October. What decisions remained:

Finding a creative florist within 5 miles of their area was an enormous godsend for Damian and Sophie. This florist knew more about planning a wedding than anticipated. They use the florist to help with suggestions for classical music quartet and is in the choice of wedding favors. The florist made two suggestions, the first was to hire a carry a picture or artist. She had worked with this young man before and found his work to be extraordinary. She also told them everyone always had a very favorable reaction to leaving a wedding with a funny caricature of themselves. The second suggestion was to incorporate imprinted wedding sunglasses into both the floral arrangements as well as into the entire wedding affair after the ceremony. Damian and Sophie really loved that idea. We were very grateful that we had a relationship with that florist. Because they planned to mix the sunglasses in with some floral arrangements, they chose our bright and shiny gold metallic finish. We imprinted the logo with a nice bright white ink which really helped to show off their logo design. We delivered a split package for this particular order. We sent the glasses that were to be used in the florist bouquets to the florist. We sent the balance of the order to the bride and groom themselves. Everything turned out in a spectacular manner. Congratulations to Damian and Sophie and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

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