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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Nuts On The Dance Floor

Preferred: nuts on the dance floor, not nuts in mesh baggies. Go over the top for wedding favors or don't break the budget? This clever bride and groom wanted to turn the heat up at their wedding. They knew that everyone would go nuts on the dance floor when you gave them wedding sunglasses.

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Crazy has a spot on the dance floor

After weeks and maybe months of talking it over, Mateo and Amélie decided to marry last May. Their conversations were earnest, sincere, deep and thoughtful. Their choice to enter marriage together made them the happiest couple in Atlanta that day.

Both of them tended to be shy and quiet. Being so forward with a wedding engagement announcement, was something that they had to do, but they also regretted it a little bit, because it made them into public figures within their friends and family circles. They grinned and bore it with grace and honor.

So, they are in love and they want to get married. Friends and family are so excited. Let's plan a wedding, how difficult can that possibly be? For Mateo and Amélie the wedding planning tip of the iceberg has just risen from the sea. So much more information, so many decisions lie ahead.

They considered a magician, releasing doves, having flying eagles on the arms of bird trainers, but in the end, they went for a fairly traditional wedding to makes things easier. Before too long, Mateo and Amélie settled most of their wedding planning concerns. What decisions remained:

In some cultures, mostly out of Europe, brides and grooms would traditionally offer sugared nuts to their guests as a thank you for attending their wedding. There is a tradition for example in which the mesh baggie is tied with a ribbon and will contain a selection of five sugar almonds. In this tradition, each almond represents a blessing desired for the couple. There is health, wealth, happiness, longevity and the gift of children. For today's bride and groom, however, it is much more likely that a good wedding favor choice will be wedding sunglasses. Although many brides and grooms choose to buy cheap wedding sunglasses by the dozen, either simply a white sunglass or a black sunglass, more often than not, they will select personalized wedding sunglasses. A custom wedding sunglass wedding favor will include the personalization of the bride and groom's name on one side and the wedding date on another. We were so pleased when Mateo and Amélie chose Shades of Fun! to provide their wedding sunglasses for their great event. We don't have almonds to offer, but we certainly offer them a long and loving marriage.

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