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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Personality Changer

From previous weddings, both the bride and groom knew that sunglasses on the dance floor can be a game changer. Personalities change, people act like dancing nutjobs. Super fun.

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It took many long conversations about the meaning of commitment, but in the end, Alonso and Lucía made the big decision to marry last February. They both felt very good about their future together. These hard but loving explorations of marriage had drawn them closer together.

Both of these young people believe that starting off their lives together in marriage was such a serious Endeavor, that they sought out any additional professional help they could find. They attended marriage classes at several of the local churches.

So, they are in love and they want to get married. Friends and family are so excited. Let's plan a wedding, how difficult can that possibly be? For Alonso and Lucía the wedding planning tip of the iceberg has just risen from the sea. So much more information, so many decisions lie ahead.

Although their wedding planning was far more complicated than expected, within a reasonable timeframe, Alonso and Lucía settled most of their wedding planning concerns. The remaining details included:

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They really did it all by themselves. Through weeks that turned into months, Alonso and Lucía steadfastly, with steely-eyed determination, planned their entire wedding. The ceremony, the reception as well as their honeymoon in Mexico -- all by themselves. They relied on expertise from others for this thing or that thing, but they did not hire an event planner, a wedding planner or anyone else, even a travel agent to help them choose this big happy event that would kick off the rest of their lives. The very last items which were included in their plans were the choice of wedding favors. But they did have their choice of wedding favors and in the final analysis, they chose to offer to all of their guests a box of handmade milk chocolates as well as colorful wedding sunglasses. They reported them to be delicious. The sunglasses got a heavy workout. As soon as many of the guests saw the sunglasses they quickly snapped them open, placed them on to their face and began to act outside of their own personalities. We understand from the bride and the groom that the sunglasses for their wedding were a very popular wedding favor. We wish this happy couple all the best in life and in their marriage.

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