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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Strobe Light Hounds

Want the wedding to get a little wild? wedding sunglasses bring out the wild men and women during a wedding reception. We call them strobe light hounds. You can call them friends.

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It took many long conversations about the meaning of commitment, but in the end,Billy and Samantha made the big decision to marry last June. They both felt very good about their future together. These hard but loving explorations of marriage had drawn them closer together.

With the idea in mind that they were to have one marriage for the rest of their lives, and that it was to be taken with the utmost sincerity and realism, this young couple approached many of their older friends and relatives very carefully and with discretion, asked for advice on how to achieve a long and happy marriage together.

Thus the wedding planning commenced. First, the wedding magazines. The websites, sign them up. Lots to read. A lot of choices, so many decisions.The initial stages of planning a wedding are pretty straightforward. Billy and Samantha talked to a lot of family and friends about how to create the perfect wedding, they bought magazines off the rack, the bridal magazines are so beautiful and filled with so much information. They thought they would be able to proceed simply, but as the weeks went by,

it became clear that planning a wedding and decided on a honeymoon where a little trickier than they imagined.

Who knew how many articles there were to help a couple plan their wedding? So much help is available. There are online sites like The Knot. Bridal magazines are pretty much full of assistance as well. Billy and Samantha waded through it and in good time came up with wedding plans they felt great about. What decisions remained:

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  • personalized sunglasses
  • engraved logo wine glass
  • imprinted logo stemless wine glass

They were so relaxed about their successful wedding planning, they felt so confident they had done a great job and that the wedding was going to go off smooth as silk that with one month before the blessed event, Billy and Samantha treated themselves to a spa weekend at a resort hotel 100 miles from their home. It was there, in at warm and bubbling hot tub that they realized they forgot about wedding favors. Not to let the relaxation of the hot tub get the best of them, they simply talked about it over the bubbles. They remembered a handsome grey leather zippered pouch that both men and women could use equally. The decided to order 100 of those pouches embossed with their wedding date on them. They also remembered many wedding receptions of their friends that featured colorful and cheap wedding sunglasses. Right from the hot tub, they pulled out the cell phone, did a search for cheap wedding sunglasses and found that at Shades of Fun, our minimum purchase is simply 100 pair. That is a very low minimum order. Upon their return from their spa weekend, we were ecstatic to receive their order. We wish them all of the best for successful marriage and prosperous family life.

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