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Wedding Sunglasses as Favors • Timeline Saved

Timeline saved! As the wedding day approached, this bride and groom wondered if it was too late to order wedding sunglasses from our company. We saved the day by working with their timeline.

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Wedding favors on close deadline

Mauricio and Gaëlle decided to marry last July. It was in many ways, a big relief; they spent hours in the weeks leading up to their decision trying to determine how their own marriage should feel.

Both Mauricio and Gaëlle experienced some ups and downs in past romantic endeavors, but both felt the past was the past and that committing to each other was the way of the future. They wanted a good, long, happy marriage.

When is the wedding, when is the wedding, when is the wedding!? Friends, family and co-workers for both of them were inordinately excited at the news of their wedding engagement. Neither was ready for the burst of community energy their wedding engagement would bring. Mauricio and Gaëlle were a moderately composed couple -- this kind of attention through them off in a way that was unexpected.

Neither of them had ever opened a bride's magazine before. It was an eye popping experience at first. They got used to the ads, the company names, and within a couple of weeks, Mauricio and Gaëlle settled most of their wedding planning details. Some outstanding issues:

  • professional grade multi phone charging cables
  • personalized sunglasses
  • imprinted logo mini jar glass
  • laser etched logo champagne flute

What many engaged couples find to be an enormous chore, such a headache, that is planning a wedding, Mauricio and Gaëlle discovered to be a delightful experience, one they would never have expected to be so joyful. With just three weeks ahead of their wedding, late night pillow talk between them yielded another unexpected result. They wanted to add more wedding favors to their wedding experience. There would be considerable outside time during the cocktail hour of the reception. The banquet hall had a beautiful patio, stone lined, one of the reasons why they chose it. They decided to put a basket of custom wedding sunglasses onto the patio for those who wanted to share in the wedding favor fun. Through an online search for wedding sunglasses, they found our company. Using communication strictly by email, we were able to create and deliver a wonderful package of custom wedding sunglasses for this charming pair. Best wishes for a long and fruitful marriage. Thank you for ordering your wedding sunglasses from Shades of Fun!

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