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Crystal Bride Wedding Sunglasses

Classic shape white sunglasses smothered with pure Swarovski® diamond clear crystals. Standard style is front coverage. Customers may upgrade to full crystal coverage along each side. Customization is also available to any customer or bride who would like a special or unique design.

bride sunglasses bride sunglasses
Front plate only
bride sunglasses bridal sunglasses
Front plate + both sides
bride sunglasses bridal sunglasses
Customize your design
wedding sunglasses art examples
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Front only
Front + sides
Note: custom orders require up to 10 days for completion.
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Note: Our Art Department will send you a rendering by email to approve prior to production. No surprises.
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Price Chart
Standard: Front Only
1-3 pair
$28.00 ea
4-6 pair
$26.00 ea
6-12 pair
$24.00 ea
Full: Front + sides
1-3 pair
$39.00 ea
4-6 pair
$36.00 ea
6-12 pair
$34.00 ea
1-3 pair
$48.00 ea
4-6 pair
$42.00 ea
6-12 pair
$40.00 ea
How this works
If you do not require customization, this is just a straight purchase of a stock item. Select whether you would like the front crystallized or the front and the two sides crystallized, and that's it. If you would like your sunglasses customized in some manner, choose the Custom option. Use the order form to describe your design. You may attach a sketch.
Guideline for design
Keep it simple. The sides of the sunglasses are just one-half inch high. A red heart looks good. Two capital initials with a heart between is good. A last name in all capital letters. Lower case characters cannot be used. Numbers can be used. A Christian cross can be used as well as a Jewish star, for example, but a Crescent and Star cannot be used. The reason the first two can and the last one cannot be used is due to the proportion of the star in relation to the moon, it is just too small to render in crystals on this item.
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