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Most of our sunglasses are the Wayfarer shape style. Almost all of our sunglasses can be imprinted. Customers can personalize our sunglasses with a customized message or logo. When needed without an imprint, customers can buy as few as one dozen pair!

Sunglasses without an imprint ship out within one business day after you place your order. Personalized sunglasses ship out within five days after you approve your final artwork.

All of our sunglasses are made for adult size heads, which is generally considered ages 10 and above. The hinge to hinge is 5½ inches (14 cm). The height of the frame front tallest measurement is 1.9" (4.825 cm); center of one lens to center of the other lens it is 3" (7.62 cm).

We are located in New York. We ship out from locations around the country, so sorry, no in-store pickups. We have been online since 1998. Start our video to the right for a quick catalog tour. Use the buttons to listen to the music or turn it off for no audio.

Shop by Color
 The SC Group

Our SC Group of sunglasses is a solid-color style. They are available by the dozen with a minimum order of one dozen. Each dozen will include 12 sunglasses of the same color. In this group, we offer the super hard-to-find metallic gold and metallic silver. We also offer Army Green and Navy Blue. But then we take it up a notch and put a metallic finish on four of our most popular colors. You will find in the SC Group Metallic Navy Blue, Metallic Royal Blue, Metallic Red and Metallic Emerald Green. The SC Group is a fantastic purchase. Click any image for more information.

See our imprinted styles!
SC01 Red sunglasses
SC05 Orange sunglasses
 SC09 Metallic navy blue sunglasses
SC13 Navy blue sunglasses
SC02 Royal blue sunglasses
SC06 Purple sunglasses
SC10 Metallic royal blue sunglasses
SC14 Army green sunglasses
SC03 Emerald green sunglasses
SC07 Metallic silver sunglasses
SC11 Metallic red sunglasses
SC15 Black sunglasses
SC04 Pink sunglasses
SC08 Metallic gold sunglasses
SC12 Metallic green sunglasses
SC16 White sunglasses
 The WY Group

The WY Group is our good quality selection. This is a lightweight, low-gloss finish plastic. Sometimes the plastic is referred to as "rubber". The frame shape is a modified Wayfarer style. The WY Group is a more casual style than the SC or FC Groups. The primary feature is arm colors that differ from the front plate color, we do offer this style in both all-black and all-white (see styles WY22 and WY99). This is a very popular, well made style of sunglasses. They are a bit bendable, but certainly not bendable like a rubber hose! This style is ordered by the dozen and by a particular color. If you order one dozen of our WY14 style, you will receive one dozen (12 pair) of white front red arm sunglasses. Click any image below to view our product presentation video and place your order.

See our imprinted styles!
WY01 Black front white arm
WY06 Black front neon yellow arm
WY12 White front neon green arm
WY17 White front purple arm
WY02 Black front neon green
WY07 Black front blue arm
WY13 White front neon yellow arm
WY18 Black front Army green arm
army green
WY03 Black front purple arm
WY08 Black front red arm
WY14 White front red arm
WY19 Black front Navy blue arm
navy blue
WY04 Black front neon green
WY10 White front orange arm
WY15 White front blue arm
WY22 All white
all white
WY05 Black front orange arm
WY11 White front neon pink arm
WY16 White front black arms
black and white
WY99 All black
all black
 The RB Group

Classic shape black sunglasses. Sold by the dozen. This style of black sunglasses is known by many names: Blues Brothers, Risky Business and with the clear lens, Buddy Holly glasses or Nerd glasses. These are the those great sunglasses you have seen for decades at weddings and special events. The Wayfarer shape of sunglasses is the most popular shape sunglasses in the world!

These fun black sunglasses are much better quality than you would expect for this crazy price. This is a hard plastic style with a good gloss finish. The silver embellishments on the sides of the front are a great touch. Pairs nicely with our Style 2200 white sunglasses (see below).

This style is available in both dark sunglasses lens and clear lenses. The dozen ordered will all be the same, no split-style dozens. The RB33 style is a clear lens style -- the photograph shows grey-tinted lenses, but that is only to indicate the presence of a lens in the photograph. The actual product has a clear lens.

See our imprinted styles!
Do you need white sunglasses for your wedding or black and white party? Our most popular white sunglasses are a great value!


RB00 Blues Brothers black
RB33 Clear lens black frame
 The FC Group

The FC Group of sunglasses is our premium, best offer for solid color sunglasses. High gloss finish, adult sizes (good for ages 10 and up). The sunglass frames are a dense plastic with a high sheen and very vibrant colors. Includes full UV protection on the lenses. The FC Group is not like the other groups in our catalog -- they are ordered individually in units of one pair. There is a minimum purchase of 100 pair. Up to four colors may be included within the 100 minimum quantity (minimum each color is 24 pair). This is our premium quality of sunglasses. Our minimum order quantity is firm at 100 pair. Ships from southeastern USA within two business days of your order. This is a very popular style for logo personalization, imprint.

See our imprinted styles!
FC01Carolina blue
carolina blue
FC06 Goldenrod Yellow
goldenrod yellow
FC11 Silver
FC16 Transparent clear
transparent clear
FC02 Navy blue
navy blue
FC07 Emerald Green
emerald green
FC12 Transparent blue
transparent blue
FC17 Black
FC03 Royal blue
royal blue
FC08 Lime Green
lime green
FC13 Transparent green
transparent green
FC18 White
FC04 Pink
FC09 Orange
FC14 Transparent pink
transparent pink
FC05 Purple
FC10 Red
FC15 Transparent orange
transparent orange
 The TT Group

The TT Group features Wayfarer style sunglasses with two tones of color: a black high gloss base accented by a brilliant contrast color. The TT Group is ordered by the dozen with a minimum order quantity of one dozen pair. Each dozen is the same color combination. This group does not mix colors within the ordered dozen. Silver metal embellishment charms on each side front offer a little flash to this sophisticated style. Adult sizes (good for ages 10 and up). Full UV protection. Ships from upstate New York within one business day after you place your order.

See our imprinted styles!
TT01 Two tone: black and blue
black blue
TT02 Two tone: black and red
black red
TT03 Two tone: black and lime green
black green
TT04 Two tone: black and white
black white
 The TR Group

The TR Group features transparent plastic sunglasses. The transparent plastic changes color depending on the amount of light in the environment. In bright light, the color is lighter. The color of these sunglasses is lighter than appears in these photographs. Silver metal embellishments are included on each side front. Each dozen includes the same color. This group does not mix colors within the dozen. Adult size, full UV. Ships from upstate New York within one business day. Overnight shipping by UPS is available without pre-clearance if ordered before 11 AM EST.

See our imprinted styles!
TR01 Transparent yellow
TR03 Transparent red
TR05 Transparent green
TR02 Transparent orange
TR04 Transparent blue
TR06 Transparent clear
The NL Group

The NL Group features all the great elements of our "Very Good" styles but without the lenses! This is a "No Lens" group, there are no lenses at all. You are free and clear to see anything, anywhere, anytime with no lens between you! The white no-lens frames will include a dozen pair of all white frames. We do not mix white in with the assorted dozen. So if you need or want the white frames, order the NL22 style. If you would like an assortment of neon colors in this no-lens style, the NL02 style to receive one dozen assorted colors. High gloss finish, adult sizes (good for ages 10 and up). Ships from upstate New York within one business day. Overnight shipping by UPS is available without pre-clearance if ordered before 11 AM EST. Choose UPS or USPS Priority during checkout. International shipping OK.

See our imprinted styles!
NL01 No Lens black face neon arm
no lens
NL02 No Lens neon solid color
no lens
 The CL Group

The CL Group features clear lenses in these glasses. The lenses have no magnification and are not prescriptive eyewear in any way. Each dozen is a single frame color. No color mixing within the dozen. High gloss finish, adult sizes (good for ages 10 and up). Ships from upstate New York within one business day. Overnight shipping by UPS is available without pre-clearance if ordered before 11 AM EST.

See our imprinted styles!
CL01 Navy blue Clear lens
navy blue
CL03 Red frame Clear lens
CL05 Hot pink frame Clear lens
hot pink
CL02 Black frame Clear lens
CL04 White frame Clear lens
CL06 Kelly green Clear lens
kelly green
The CA Group

The CA Group is an "assorted color" group. Each dozen includes an assortment of colors from our stock. The essential colors are included in the image. Matte finish, bendable plastic frame material. No UV protection. Adult sizes (good for ages 10 and up). Ships from upstate New York within one business day. Overnight shipping by UPS is available without pre-clearance if ordered before 11 AM EST. The CA01 is our black front assortment, the CA02 style is our white front assortment. Each unit of one-dozen will include the assorted colors shown in the style image.

See our imprinted styles!
CA01 Assorted neon arms black front
CA02 Assorted neon arms white front
assorted white face
The New Year Group

They said it wouldn't last -- but with our New Years Eve novelty sunglasses mixed in with the joy of the new year, the party rocks on! We offer silver glitter 2015 glasses, gold glitter 2015 glasses plus assorted color dozens in both a high gloss plastic and our super glitter. The colors that are included in these styles are pre-assorted. That means the colors in the box are set. We cannot offer custom blends of colors in your order. You will receive and equal number of the colors seen in our photographs. 2016 New Years Glasses will be available in Oct 2015.

NY01 2015 silver glitter new year
NY03 2015 glasses multi color glitter
multi glitter
NY04 2015 glasses high gloss plastic
high gloss plastic
NY02 2015 gold glitter new year
multi color glitter
assorted colors
Shades of Fun! News

May 2015 - College Graduation Now! High School Graduation next! Time to cheer and congratulate our graduates!

Your future is so bright you have to wear shades!

If your graduate's school colors are red and white, then pick up a dozen pair of cheap red sunglasses for the big graduation day!

Or purple or royal blue -- you get the picture!

Of course, we don't forget our June brides! Pick up your cheap white sunglasses or your cheap black sunglasses!

Gold Sunglasses

We offer several different options for gold sunglasses. We have a classic 14K color gold sunglasses, copper sunglasses (shown below) and gold sunglasses that we offer by the dozen. We offer the widest variety of sunglasses, both gold, silver, translucent plastics and solid colors in the industry. While we might like to be able to offer no minimums, we do have very low minimums for many styles of our sunglasses. In the case of some select styles, our customers can purchase a box of just one dozen! That's low!

Thank you for visiting Shades of Fun! We are an online retailer of fun sunglasses. We are located in New York, New York. We ship out all over the world from various locations inside the USA. To the right, European customers will find a convenient local number to use that will reach us directly in New York. We are available by telephone or by email on US Eastern Standard Time. We are responsive by email, so do feel free to use our contact info at the top of this page to reach us. We have been online since 1998. Yikes!
Tell me about shipping
Our General Catalog styles ship out from upstate New York within 1 business day of the day you place your order. You may order Overnight Service if necessary but not Same Day - Overnight Service. It will ship out the NEXT business day.

Our factory and warehouse is located in upstate New York, so sorry, if you are in NYC, direct pickup is not possible.

Yes, we ship outside the USA. International customers may choose International Priority Mail or UPS. UPS is always more expensive but takes less time and features advanced tracking. International Priority Mail is less expensive, can take up to two weeks to arrive. Tracking accuracy outside the USA is uneven. Still, it is a cost-effective way of receiving your package if time is not of the utmost importance.

Here is a chart with the UPS transit times from the warehouse.

UPS Travel Times from New York, USA
Our General Catalog sunglasses ship out from upstate New York within one business day after we receive your order.
yellow = 1 day
brown = 2 days travel time
green = 3 days
dark brown = 4 days
orange = 5 days
grey = 6 days
Can I use a Purchase Order?
Yes, we accept Purchase Orders from schools. Orders must be in excess of $200.00. If you would like to start the purchase order process, email us first and we'll send you our company's particulars.

What is your Return Policy?
General Catalog Sunglasses We accept returns on general merchandise within 14 days of the original sale providing the products have been returned in re-sellable condition. If returned in this condition we will refund the credit card used for the transaction at 92% of the product price, an 8% re-stocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Customized Sunglasses Custom imprinted sunglasses are not returnable except in the case of art error.

If you discover an error with your order, please contact us by phone or email.

Do you offer free samples?

We do not offer free sunglasses from our General Catalog Sunglasses.

We do offer free samples for our sunglasses that are customized with an ink imprint. Here's more information about our imprinted sunglasses.

Contact Details
We are an online catalog company with administrative offices in New York. We ship out from various locations throughout the United States. As a result, we are ship-out only, no visits for pick-ups, sorry.

You may telephone us Eastern Standard Time toll-free. We do have a local number in London for our European customers, but we do ship everything from the USA.

Email is the best way to contact us. We are often in the warehouse packing where it is a little loud. We can shoot off an email while we are in the warehouse must faster than we can get to a quiet phone!contact

About us
Shades of Fun! is one of the very first companies to go online. We have been on the internet continuously since 1998. Our administrative offices are in New York City. We ship out our sunglasses from both the East Coast and the West Coast. We do not have a retail location, so sorry, no pick-ups here in Manhattan!

We offer many styles of beautiful sunglasses at great prices. We ship out within one business day of receiving your general order. Customized sunglass orders take a bit longer.

Thank you for taking the time to consider your purchase with us!

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