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100: $0.98 /10,000: $0.53
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100: $2.07 / 10,000: $1.42
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All personalized sunglasses
100: $3.56 /10,000: $2.98
100: $3.65 /10,000: $3.02
100: $4.99 /10,000: $4.21
Baseball Caps
144: $2.52 / 10,000: $1.99
144: $1.26 / 10,000: $0.90
144: $1.51 / 10,000: $1.19
Bar Glasses
Brides, grooms, schools, colleges and non-profit organizations have been buying our cheap sunglasses for many years.  Many styles carry a minimum quantity of just one dozen pair.
About us
Shades of Fun! has been online since 1998. We established ourselves by offering customized sunglasses to thousands of customers since then. In recent years, we expanded our line of promotional products beyond sunglasses. We now offer customized promotional products that include glass barware and baseball caps with your custom embroidered logo.

We are promotional product brokers. We are not the manufacturer; we make the sale and pass the order on to a specific manufacturer we trust. We stand behind every order.

Our online ordering process takes advantage of the efficiency of digital to keep our prices down.  Our low overhead passes the lowest prices in the industry on to you.

We are located in New York. Shipping originates from either Florida, New York, Arizona or Texas depending on the product.

Thank you for your interest.

Our products
100% Polyester Baseball Cap 5-panel unstructured cap crown. The visor has been factory pre-curved for contemporary shape. Same material adjustable strap in back with hook, loop: smooth touch seal closure. Cheap price, high quality.
Contrast Trim Baseball CapOur most affordable caps. There is a firm 144-cap minimum purchase requirement. The crown and reinforced curved brim material is 100% cotton twill fabric. This cap features a 6-panel crown topped by a contrast color fabric covered top button. Round stitched eyelets are also stitched in the same contrast color.
Polyester Baseball HatA low-priced high value baseball cap. Classic shape, a structured crown and classicly contemporary pre-curved visor. Beautifully constructed with a 6-panel crown design.
Brush Cotton Twill Baseball CapThe cotton twill fabric offers a smooth feel. The crown is a low profile, unstructured crown. This crown style provides a relaxed look that only relaxes more with age. Brass buckle. Excellent for advertising your message or logo.
Single Color Baseball CapA beautiful cap, soft, gently washed color look. Our red is not a fire engine, red, it is a soft red, the black is really a charcoal, the grey is true, the blue is light blue, like the denims of summer. Made out of material that feels like lined, a blend of 70% polyester and 30% cotton.
Washed Cotton Baseball HatA relaxed fit customizable baseball cap. It features a low profile, unstructured crown. The visor is pre-curved at the factory and will retain its curved look all that time. This is a single color cap, the washed out fabric is available in classic colors of dark blue, light blue, khaki, red and the hard-to-find olive green.
Mesh Back Baseball HatA country-style customizable baseball cap, with a khaki mesh back and a washed out color fabric front. It features a low profile, unstructured crown. It is made for hard work -- we include an inner sweatband made of cotton twill for best absorption.
Contrast Trim Baseball HatOne of our absolutely best-value embroidered baseball cap! Dual color, high quality, high fashion cap for as low as under $4.00 each for the finished cap. 100% cotton twill material for a smooth feel. Fundraisers will be able to purchase this hat at a cheap price but will receive a high value for their non profit or charity.
Two-color Brim TrimA brushed cotton material for a smooth feel. It is a 6-panel cap with a medium profile crown. It features an structured crown for shape that will hold for many years. Buy cheap, re-sell at three times the price for fundraising value.
Mesh Back Baseball HatFeatures a generous variety of hard-working cap color combinations. The full spread front panel is made of very high quality 100% brushed cotton twill. Brushed cotton provides for a smooth feel. This is a five-panel cap, so your embroidered logo will be stitched on that single front panel without seam interruption.
Mesh Back Baseball HatA half-mesh/half-brushed cotton panel baseball cap will show off your promotion beautifully. Available in conservative, traditional hard working colors of black, navy and royal. Set up fees are waived for this style -- a $100 value! That's right, no set up fees on this style.
One Color Budget Baseball HatPerfect for any promotion or event where a tight budget is an issue but high impact and great colors are demanded. Sure, this style includes the classsics: red, white, blue, black and grey, but we pop the entire collection out with a very sweet pink, a delicious kelly green and a perfect orange to name a few.
Single Color Cotton Twill Baseball HatThe 100% cotton twill fabric provides a smooth feel to the cap while the 6-panels provide real comfort on the head. No set up fee for this style. Budget conscious account executives looking out for their corporate promotions campaigns will find this cap cheap price but high quality.
Solid Color Medium Profile Baseball HatThe fabric is 100% brushed cotton twill. It is a 6-panel medium profile cap with a structured crown. Structured crowns will maintain their shape over many years of wear and tear. All overstitching is an exact match to the fabric of the cap.
Single Color Low Profile Baseball HatA low profile, relaxed fit style of hat. We offer an unusual choice of washed maroon in this group along with the classic colors of white, khaki, navy, etc. A "low profile" cap with an unstructured crown sits lower on the head than a medium or high-profile crown. The low profile nature of this style is great for the group of advertiser to portray and easy, laid back lifestyle activity.
100% Polyester Baseball Cap, Brim TrimPanel eyelets for breathability are trimmed out in same color stitching as well. A key feature of this cap is the white trim that peeks out at the front of the curved brim. A very high quality feature of this cap is the brass buckle used to secure a custom fit via the rear fabric strap.
Trucker Flat Brim Baseball HatThis beautifully constructed trucker cap features the contemporary styling of the "flat bill" brim. This style is highly prized in many fashion and special interest circles for its unique fashion vibe.
Washed Cotton Chino Low ProfileThe visor features heavy duty four-row stitching on double layer cotton chino. A sweatband is included on the inner brow panel. The adjustable rear band is made of the same material as the crown and features a hook-and-loop closing.
Dramatic Brim Trim DesignThe key feature of this cap is the dramatic contrast trim on the brim. The contrast fabric peaks in the middle of the top of the brim before receding to thin at the sides.
Washed Cotton Baseball CapThis is a washed cotton baseball cap. It is made of 100% washed cotton twill. The cap is low profile with an unstructured crown in six panels. The visor has been pre-curved at the factory. A very low price point. An excellent value for sports teams searching for bulk prices.
Lower Accent, Mesh VentsThis is a high quality baseball cap made to keep your head dry. The inner sweatband in the brow panel is woven water repellent polyester. There is no top button at this style and it does feature mesh vents. Excellent choice for vigorous activities like tennis.
Sports Performance Cap • Inner SweatbandThis is a high performance sport style brim cap for vigorous activities. The material is 100% lightweight polyester. This is an unstructured crown in six panels. Value found here for advertising campaigns and promotional accounts.
Super Cheap Price Baseball CapThis is a high value economy budget baseball cap. The rear strap is adjustable. One of our most versatile caps. Excellent pricing for sports teams interested in buying in bulk.
Custom Wine GlassClassic tulip shape wine glass. Superb for small clubs to purchase low minimum quantities for use as catering, tasting parties or wine tours.
Custom Beer MugClassic beer mug with a full grip handle. The handle and body of the mug are both made of sturdy clear glass, good size imprint area. Bulk price for charities, fundraising festivals.
Custom Champagne GlassChampagne flute widely used for wedding reception souvenirs. Create a memento for your guest's gift basket or use with your initials or wedding logo imprinted.
Custom Egg Shape Wine GlassCustom stemless wine glass is also excellent as a contemporary tumbler for water or any other beverage. Large imprint area.
Custom Flight Tasting GlassTasting glass for craft beer, miniature beer glass, fits perfectly on flight paddle board.
Custom Glass Beer GrowlerGlass Growler for beer or ale with white metal twist top. Custom imprint logo for small or large breweries. Excellent festival sale item.
Custom Jar Glass SmallJar Glass, Mason Jar or Ball Jar style in appearance. It is a perfect size for casual gatherings with restrictions on drinking volumes. Brewery accounts OK.
Custom Jar Glass PintImprintable jar glass using professional grade silkscreen ink process. Many ink colors, pms matching available. Jar glass without lid.
Custom Malt GrowlerIncredibly low price and super fast production. Specializing in small brewery production. Excellent brewery sale product, create buzz for beer or ale competitions.
Custom Martini GlassGraceful stem martini glass waiting for your custom logo. Bulk price with a minimum purchase of 144 glasses, Fast turnaround, restaurants, bars, weddings, individuals purchase ok. Used to serve cocktails without any ice.
Custom Mini Champagne FluteMiniature champagne flute, excellent choice with a logo for your wedding toast at your reception. Small volume size enables the ceremony and tradition of a wedding toast without a large investment in expensive champagne.
Custom Mini Jar GlassMiniature jar glass elicits the warm feelings and artistry of the latest trend in craft brewing. The small size makes this product perfect for brewery tastings where your customers want a sip or two but not a whole glass of beer or ale.
Custom Mini Stemless Wine GlassCustom logo egg shape mini drinking glass. Excellent idea for wine sampling or souvenirs for special events like weddings.
Custom Pilsner Glass LargeCustom pilsner beer glass, common around the world in pubs, bars and restaurants. Treat your fundraising committee the idea of retailing glass barware as a fundraising product.
Custom Pilsner GlassA wonderful fundraising idea is from our glass barware line. Put your charity's logo on this pilsner glass, increase your markup by 3 or 4 times and watch your profits increase with every sale.
Custom Pint GlassAnother high profit margin product is the custom pint glass. In addition to having a large imprint area for your 1 or 4-color logo, it is priced low with extremely low minimum order quantities. Classic flare shape, you can mark this up 3 or 4 times. Put it in the gift shop of your non-profit organization and enjoy the profits.
Custom Pint Glass 4 colorWith a colorful silkscreen imprint on the front of this standard pint glass, brides and grooms or charity fundraisers can create the perfect beer glass for festivals, wedding souvenirs or gift shops.
Custom Pub GlassIn the United States, it is called a Pub Glass and is well known in the barware line. In Europe, it is more known for being the standard German beer glass, the Willi Becher. Generous iimprint area, excellent fundraiser idea for non-profits with large markup and low purchase price for bulk sale.
Custom Shot GlassAll in moderation, but a couple of shots of your beverage can be a fun thing to do with your friends. Customize the shot with your club's logo in vibrant colors. Excellent souvenir for special events, weddings.
Custom Soda Can GlassThis is the trend glass known as the Soda Can Glass. Customers love to drink beer, cocktails or sangria from this style can of glass. Imagine how cool with your logo!
Custom Stemless Wine GlassAdvertising and marketing directors know very well that there is trend in the wine industry for "stemless" wine glasses. With a brilliant silkscreen logo imprint on our egg shape drinking glass, you can increase your fundraising profits by getting in on theenthusiasm for this trend in glasses.
Custom Stem Wine GlassClassic stem wine glass, volume capacity 19 oz. Best prices for wineries, winery gift shops, wine tasting clubs or wine tour souvenirs. Large imprint area, brilliant colors using a professional silkscreen process.
Custom Whiskey GlassWhiskey Glass, also known as the lowball glass, the Old Fashioned glass. Customize with your logo for an excellent unique product idea for gift basket for anniversary parties, birthday celebrations or distillery gift shops.
Bottle Opener SunglassesThe tips of the arms of these sunglasses open your favorite bottle or can of beer! Sure, you can also use them on cans and bottles of soda and herbal water!
Solid Color SunglassesOur most popular sunglasses for advertisig campaigns and promotions. Highest quality plastic frames, high gloss finish. Full color sunglasses, includes transparent plastics frames in soft colors.
Folding SunglassesSunglasses that fold up right in half. Highest quality plastic frames, high gloss finish.
Glow in the Dark SunglassesSunglasses that actually glow when you charge them with light then enter the darkness. Great for weddings, teenage parties.
Black Sunglasses Gradient Color LensClassic shape black frame sunglasses with super soft gradient lens colors. Beautifully soft gradient lenses with full UV protection ready are set in classic black frame sunglasses.
Colored Mirror Lens SunglassesBlack frames, five different color lenses including classic silver mirror. Blue, green, yellow, red, silver lenses.
Metallic SunglassesBrilliant metallic sunglasses in six colors, including silver metallic, gold metallic and copper metallic. Super bright blue, pink and purple. Most popular for weddings is the gold metallic sunglasses
Polarized Lens SunglassesGreat classic shape sunglasses, polarized lenses for increased vision clarity, protection.
Color Frame Sunglasses Mirror LensFive colorful frame choices, silver mirror lenses. Royal blue, lime green, red, purple and white. Brides and grooms love this style for its color assortment and low cheap price.
Rainbow Color Frame SunglassesExciting rainbow pattern sunglasses. Very strong polycarbonate plastic frames, translucent clear dyed plastic in brilliant jewel colors of the rainbow. Very popular for gay, lesbian, lgbtq festivals, fairs, promotions.
Surfer Sunglasses, Thick SidesDark lenses with full UV protection, black fronts all, but the temple-arms are available in our amazing primary and neon colors. Polypropylene plastic material makes these sunglasses bendable, perfect for fitting all head sizes above age 11.
Tortoise Shell SunglassesClassic, classy and oh so retro. Tortoise shell plastic sunglasses of the highest quality for your special event or promotion. Waves of deep amber swirled with lighter browns polished with a nice high gloss.
Soleil Sunglasses, Clear Frames, Color LensContemporary shape sunglasses, color mirror lens color matches the selected arm color. Super modern large lens offer greater coverage than most smaller lens styles. All fronts are pristeen crystalline plastic, polycarbonate material for years of clarity without fade.
Two Tone Accent SunglassesOffered in both black base frame and white base frame, this style of personalized sunglasses is a two-tone wonder. Brilliant color accents peeks out along the side arm and the nose pads.
Woodgrain SunglassesOne of the coolest trends around is wood sunglasses. Our version is a high quality plastic finished in a wood tone grain. Fundraising product, provides excellent profit margin for non-profits, charities or college groups.
Antique Woodtone SunglassesVery sophisticated style sunglasses. Simulated woodtone brushed line pattern on high quality polycarbonate frame sunglasses. Full UV lenses feature mirror iridescence. Contemporary styling, classic shape, high density plastic for long, comfortable wear.
White Frame Sunglasses Mirror LensWhite frame sunglasses, rubberized polypropylene material, color mirror lenses. Flexible style frames. Lenses feature full UV protection and include, blue, green, red/gold, silver and yellow mirror lenses.
Rubberized matching Frame, LensClassic shape sunglasses, lens color tint matches the selected arm color. Full UV protection on these lenses. Polypropylene plastic material makes these sunglasses bendable, perfect for fitting all head sizes above age 11.
Black Face, White Face, Color ArmMost popular sunglasses for weddings, promotions, giveaways, advertising campaigns. Matte finish, polypropylene flexible plastic, acylic lenses with full UV protection. College students love them. Our lowest price sunglasses. The price says cheap sunglasses, the quality does not.
Black Party SunglassesCheap black party sunglasses. Yes, these are the ones you want. Good quality, not crap like the novelty company products. Satin finish to the frames, no UV.
White Party SunglassesBudget buster white party sunglasses. Classic shape, hard plastic frame with gloss for shine. Excellent choice for weddings. Use a Sharpie® pen to personalize the sides! No UV.
Neon Rubber SunglassesBlack fronts or white fronts, colorful arm colors. Rubberized material, a bit bendable. Sold by color and by the dozen. Some neon colors. 
Assorted Color SunglassesLeast expensive. This is a full dozen that contains four different bright colors (three pair of each). Color assortment is pre-set, cannot be customized. Full UV, excellent value for events.
Single Color SunglassesBudget conscious excellent quality sunglasses. Each dozen is a single color. Full UV, many colors available. These are a more lightweight frame weight than Style FC00.
Color Party SunglassesHighest quality single color sunglasses. Sold by the pair with a minimum order of 100 pair. Heavier frame weight. Full UV400 protection. Eighteen (18) colors available.
Transparent Frame Sunglassesransparent color sunglasses. Super cool to see through. Colors include the perfectly clear!
Metallic SunglassesMetallic finish sunglasses. Rare silver nickel finish sunglasses you can buy by the dozen. Bronze colored sunglasses also available. If you need, red, green or blue, try these metallics instead.
New Years GlassesNew Year's Eve Glasses. We have been selling these glasses for almost 20 years! Straight from NYC with worldwide shipping.
Two Tone SunglassesTwo tone sunglasses. Sophisticated styling. Sold by the dozen, each dozen will contain all the same color combinations. No mixing. Four color combinations available.
Clear Lens SunglassesClear lens eyeglasses in contemporary bright colors. Same excellent quality frames as SC00, but clear lenses. Full UV in lenses. Each dozen is a single frame color. 
No Lens GlassesNo lenses at all in this dozen pair of eyeglass frames. All-white also available.Three pair of each of our 4 bright colors: pink, yellow, orange and lime green. Pre-assorted, no custom mix.
Orange SunglassesEvent organizers who are working with orange theme parties will love our collection of orange sunglasses sold by the dozen.
Pink SunglassesIf you are planning a party with a pink theme, you can't getter any better deal than our pink party sunglasses sold cheap by the dozen.
Red SunglassesOh la la if you are putting together a red theme event and need some red sunglasses for that party, we have you covered.
Green SunglassesWhat are the colors that come into your head when you think of Christmas? Red and green, of course. Here is the green sunglasses. St Patrick's Day Sunglasses. You bet.
Yellow SunglassesYellow is such a nice color, the warmth of the sun and all. Does your next birthday party have a yellow theme, our cheap yellow sunglasses by the dozen is the way to go.
Purple SunglassesPurple is a color that comes in and out of style as the seasons pass. Anniversary parties and many LGBTQ events utilize purple as the theme color for their events, festivals and street fairs.
Blue SunglassesThere are many shades of blue, likewise there are many shades of blue party sunglasses.
Gold SunglassesOur gold sunglasses feature a highly shiny metallic finish. They are the color of 14k gold. This makes them very appealing for weddings and golden anniversary parties.
Silver SunglassesThe Silver Anniversary party is one that many families and special event planners are called upon to create year after year. What a happy occasion -- matches or shiny silver sunglasses!
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